Welcome to SEQL

Society for Enhancement of Quality of Life (SEQL) is a non-profit, registered charity located in Victoria, BC, Canada. SEQL provides educational programs to increase the awareness and expression of the qualities of soul and the strength of group soul, to reveal the One Life, and to help people live more effectively in their everyday lives in order to bring a finer quality of Life to the New World Community.

Guiding Principles of SEQL Programs

1. The purpose of our learning is to become more effective servers of humanity.

2. Serving is using the power of soul for the benefit of others.

3. Our service is much greater when we are aware of group strength.

4. Our path toward group awareness is through intuitive knowing.

5. Individuals are responsible for their own knowing.

6. Study, meditation and service are our fundamental practices.

7. Every person is a learner and a teacher at all times.

8. We are disciples of intelligence.

9. We seek strength in diversity, harmony in action.

10. We learn to Live Soul, Act Group, Reveal One.

For Information Contact: seql@shaw.ca

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