Courses & Study Groups

In addition to the weekend courses and the email correspondence courses, SEQL also offers Study Groups at various times during the day and in the evening  in person and/or on Zoom. The prerequisite for all Study Groups is grounding in the Ageless Wisdom or equivalent. Please email the lead in the Study Group of your interest to determine if the group is a good fit for you.


Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom: a Foundational Study Group

Open to anyone.
Description: Together we will study The Path of Initiation by Lucille Cedercrans. This accessible book’s stated purpose is to introduce the beginning student to the basic concepts and practices of the Wisdom Teachings. It contains the basic themes needed to begin an exploration of the Ageless Wisdom*. Most importantly, there are practical, useful exercises to help us live more effectively in our everyday lives to bring a finer quality of Life to the New World Community. Both those new to this work and those seasoned in it will find this book and the study of it in a group setting to be of value.

* The Ageless Wisdom teachings are an ancient body of spiritual teachings underlying all scientific, social and cultural achievements and world religions.

Focalizer and contact: Dacia Moss

Schedule and location: We will meet in person bimonthly (afternoon or evening)
unless there are people beyond Victoria who wish to join the group in which case we will switch to Zoom.


Explorations of Consciousness through the Works of Martin Muller

Open to anyone with a grounding in esoteric studies. This is an energetic training

  • Vision: a world where people are more aware of their energetic
    interconnectedness with others and the planet.
  • Mission: as samples of Humanity to refine our registration and transmission of
    higher energies, thereby enhance Humanity’s contribution to Planetary Evolution.
  • Objectives: to practice energy exercises that deepen our experience of the
    centres in our own energy fields, enhancing our awareness of ‘living as Soul.’ We
    will also practise ‘seeing’ others as Soul.

* Our focus will be to ‘come from the heart’ in all we do.

Focalizers and contacts: Michael Jones – or Lynne
Ronneseth –

Schedule: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays – 1:30 to 3:30 PM. Starts September.
Location: In person at 1270 Topaz Ave., Victoria


Explorations of Consciousness through the Works of Martin Muller

Open to those who have read the book, practiced the exercises, and
previously taken an Ontology Energy Training (OET) class.

Focalizer and Contact: Gabriele Matheson –
Text: Prelude to the New Man: The Science of Being by Martin Muller

Schedule: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays – 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific
Location: Zoom


We are the Path, Year 3


Open to those who have already attended the first two years of We Are the Path.

Text: Excerpts from Lucille Cedercrans and others

Focalizer:  Elisabetta Raspini, Community of Living Ethics in Umbria, Italy
Margo Rush –

Schedule: 2nd & 4th Thursdays 9:00-10:30 AM Pacific beginning November, 2023.
Location: Zoom


Global Group: Discovering Soul’s Journey

Open to anyone.
Description: This course is based on the idea that the magical power of soul is available to anyone who seeks to become of practical service in relationships with others and is prepared to learn through group study and meditation. We invite men and women who are seeking to strengthen their intuitive capacities, increase their awareness of the fact of soul and bring soul insight and action into their everyday lives.

Students meet via email as a Global Group and follow a program of study from early
September until early June. The course is open to anyone who has access to the Internet, regardless of previous experience in esoteric studies. Study assignments require about ten hours of preparation spread over each three-week segment of the course. A text is assigned and other materials are distributed.

Focalizer and contact: Nick Foster –
Text: Soul: the Quality of Life – an Alice Bailey compilation

Schedule: September – May
Location: online via email


Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Open to current members only this year.

Description: The Light of the Soul simply states in several sutras how we can begin to control our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. The commentaries explain more clearly the statement of each sutra and give useful suggestions on how to tackle our unruly instrument. The ways to control the physical and emotional bodies are clearly laid out. As we follow along this roadmap it will eventually lead us to control of the mind and its illumination by the soul. The Yoga Sutras show us the way and the means through which we can allow the light of our soul to shine more brightly through its form and thus become better servers for humanity and the spiritual hierarchy. They are step-by-step instructions toward the expansion of consciousness and eventual enlightenment.

Contact: Rachanee Usanno
Text: Light of the Soul by AA Bailey

Schedule: 2nd Wednesday each month. – 7:00-9:00 PM
Location: Zoom


Esoteric Astrology

Open to anyone.
Description: “Astrology is described in this book as “the science of relationship” – the relationship existing between all living organisms within the universe. Not only do the qualities of the ray energies affect these centres of consciousness, but also the quality and energy of the ruling planets and the zodiac signs. Seen from the exoteric outside, astrology is a vast and most involved and complex subject. The esoteric inside, while it is still vast, all inclusive, and complex, it is also possible to perceive the thread which unites and the pattern which prevails throughout the whole system. A basic simplicity in the grand design emerges, therefore, which can serve to interpret the whole.”

Focalizer and contact: Donna Hemingson
Text: Esoteric Astrology by AA Bailey (We’re beginning the book.)

Schedule: Last Friday of the month 10:00-11:30 Pacific – beginning November
Location: Zoom


Law of Vibratory Expansion: Advanced Esoteric Studies

Open to: . . . those interested in greater esoteric understanding through the Law of Vibratory Expansion; where, “In teaching others comes further knowledge . . . and, in the play of other minds, the aspirant’s own vibration becomes keyed up to ever higher
planes, and thus fresh intuition and fresh reaches of truth pour in”.

Description: To acquire teaching skills in esoteric studies. As Group we are all responsible for the
teachings by which we learn. This course will provide the skills to bring light into dark places through teaching others, which further refines who we are, which in turn impacts upon the Group as a whole. Exoterically, anyone who has completed this course will have the skills to develop and facilitate an ‘All Group’ weekend. Esoterically, and more importantly, anyone who has completed this course will have stepped forward in fulfilling their purpose for being alive.

Lead: Kevin Ronneseth:
Class Size: 6-12 participants
Texts: Various self-selected source materials.

Schedule: 9 Sundays starting in September from 9am to 1:00pm. 3 of these Sundays
could be All SEQL Gatherings
Location: In person. Victoria address provided when provided when you
register or on Zoom ~ to be decided


Agni Yoga Groups

Description: Agni is Sanskrit for sacred fire and symbolizes the inner spiritual fire or consciousness. It builds on Raja Yoga, the Yoga of the Mind, and is the path to the synthesis of our being and our divine essence of cosmic fire. This allows us to identify with all cosmos through the Heart.

The Agni Yoga teachings emphasize the importance of spiritual transformation and self improvement as a means to contribute to the betterment of humanity. It focuses on the development of the individual’s higher qualities, such as compassion, love, and intuition, and encourages the cultivation of a harmonious relationship with nature and the universe.

Agni Yoga places great emphasis on practical application and self-discipline. It encourages individuals to integrate spiritual principles into their daily lives, promoting ethical conduct, selflessness, and the pursuit of truth. The teachings emphasize the unity of all religions and the essential oneness of humanity, transcending cultural and religious boundaries.

The core principles of Agni Yoga revolve around the idea of service to others and the recognition of the interconnectedness of all life forms. It teaches that spiritual progress can be achieved through active participation in the world and selfless acts of compassion and service.

It is important to note that Agni Yoga is not a religious doctrine or a dogma but rather a spiritual path that encourages individuals to develop their own direct experiences and insights. It invites seekers to explore their inner nature, expand their consciousness, and contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Agni Yoga – One Heart

Open to anyone.

Focalizer: Margo Rush
Contact: Dacia Moss
Texts: New Era Community and Agni Yoga

Schedule: 1st Wednesday of each month from 9:30am – 11:00pm Pacific, plus one
additional day per month as agreed upon by group members.
Location: Zoom

Agni Yoga Contemplation

Open to anyone.

Focalizer & Contact: Frances Gaudet
Text: Leaves of Morya’s Garden, Book II: Illuminations

Schedule: 3rd Wednesday of the month, 1:30 – 3:30 pm Pacific.
Location: Zoom


Sounds Like Soul, a Co-operative Group Email Course

Open to anyone.
You are invited to join a group of cooperative learners in a course designed to increase awareness, sensitivity, and knowledge of the qualities and functions of the energies that impact humanity so that we can live more deliberately and effectively.

Anyone willing to commit to following the course process is eligible to enroll. There is no other pre-requisite. When we have an interested group of five or more, the course can begin.

Description: It is well established scientifically and widely understood that everything in the world is energy in action. Whether an animal, a plant, a piece of granite, a human being, or the air that we breathe, all is energy vibrating at different frequencies and having different effects. Music is one such energy. If we can come to know these energies and become sensitive to their effects on how we and the world around us work, we will be able to create our lives more consciously, with more precision, and with a fuller expression of the love of soul in service to others.

The learning is based on assigned daily listening to a program of music (allowing us to
tune to different frequencies) and meditation. You will be asked to keep notes on your experience to share with the others in your group. There are also a few short reading assignments to give some basic background information.

Focalizer and contact: Dacia Moss

Schedule: When there are five interested people a new course will begin.
Once a month, Sounds Like Soul course members receive, by email, a schedule of daily, specific music and meditation with suggestions or instructions that all course members follow. At the end of each day’s session, course members make a note of their experience of the session. At the end of each week, they distribute by email, to all other course members, a report of their daily experiences and a summary of their learning for the week.

When you register for the course, we will arrange for you to get the music to download onto your computer.

The time commitment is about half an hour a day – about 15 to 20 minutes of listening and meditation, then a few minutes to write notes. Plus a few minutes at week’s beginning to create a music playlist and at week’s end to send your notes by email to your course group. The exchange of experiences among members is a valuable part of the learning, so any missed assignment means all will lose. However, an occasional missed day will not interfere seriously with the process
Location: online via email


Reappearance of the Christ Group

Open to anyone.

Description: We begin each discussion with meditation on the music and words of “The Deer’s Cry” as we attempt to live our truth in each moment.

In the words of Master DK from the book “Initiation Human and Solar” p 113:
“Right through later periods of the cycle of incarnation wherein the human is juggling with the pairs of opposites, and through discrimination is becoming aware of reality and unreality, there is growing up in one’s mind a realization that he himself is an immortal Existence, an eternal God, and a portion of Infinity. Ever the link between humans on the physical plane and this inner Ruler becomes clearer until the great revelation is made. Then comes a moment in his existence when he stands consciously face-to-face with his real Self and knows himself to be that Self in reality and not just theoretically; he becomes aware of the God within, not through the sense of hearing or through attention to the inner voice directing and controlling and called the “voice of conscience.” This time the recognition is through sight and direct vision. He now
responds not only to that which is heard, but also to that which he sees.”

Through reflective readings and discussion from Ancient Wisdom teachings, we strive
to live our destiny, hearing, seeing, being, – living our Oneness in Christ consciousness

We resume our gatherings Tuesday, October 3rd; 2023
Focalizers: Martha Gallahue, Michael Jones, Frances Gaudet.
Contact: Frances ~

Schedule: First Tuesday morning monthly from10 am to noon Pacific, in person; at the home of Martha and Frances. (experimenting now with a second monthly meeting on Zoom)


Registering Our Place in the New Civilization

Open to anyone.

Description: We invite participation in pursuing a project we call “Registering Our Place in the New Civilization,” an experimental collaboration of insight and expression involving all participants. We will explore the shift from 6th to 7th ray expression and the implications of the emerging 4th ray. We envision an imaginative approach through synthetic breakthroughs of discovery: recent discoveries in astrophysics, the growth of Artificial Intelligence, astrological insights, and art. We will refine our planetary service conducted through large group movements toward an unfolding universal ethic of co-creative cooperation and human responsibility.

We ask that all participants be willing to share their intuitive understanding of this emerging civilization; dreams, music, and poetry are welcome. The course will be held monthly on the first or third Thursday morning.

The co-focalizers will demonstrate examples from their practical experience of the Ageless Wisdom as envisioned in Lucis Trust’s Arcane School expanding co-creative service through Triangle relationships.

Focalizers: Duncan Mason~
Martha Gallahue ~;
Margo Rush ~
Schedule: Monthly on the first or third Thursday morning
Location: In person – location to be determined


A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

Open to anyone.

Description: The teaching in this book should tend to an expansion of consciousness, and should bring about a recognition of the adequacy, as a working basis, for both science and religion, of that interpretation of the processes of nature which has been formulated for us by the Master Minds of all time. It should tend to bring about a reaction in favor of a system of philosophy which will link both Spirit and matter, and demonstrate the essential unity of the scientific and religious idea.

Focalizer: Donna Hemingson
Text: A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by AA Bailey

Schedule: Every Tuesday – 6:15 – 7:15 PM Pacific
Location: Zoom


Demystifying Death – The Purpose of Being

Open to anyone.

Description: Helena Blavatsky Notes: The Auric Egg, also known as “Auric Envelope” or “Atmic Aura”, is an Akashic film surrounding all the principles of a human being. It endures from life to life and preserves the karmic causes and effects generated by the individual during all incarnations.

This course is the third in a series dedicated to the human journey, the Path of Initiation. A summary of the readings from the first course “The Art of Conscious Dying” 2021 – 2022, and the second, “Living the Cycles of Evolution” 2022 – 2023 are available to you and would be helpful to read if you are considering joining us and have not participated in either of the first two group undertakings.

This course will appeal to anyone who is beginning to recognize, embrace and explore
their immortality with the hope of reaching a greater understanding of their divine blueprint. We will look together into these esoteric mysteries and open ourselves to the blessings of insight and inspiration that group connection and focus create. We will draw on the writings of Alice Bailey/Master Djwal Kuhl, Master Morya, Teilhard de Chardin, Cynthia Bourgeault, and many others who have reached into the light and found Truth.

Focalizers and contacts: Frances Gaudet –
or Celeste Vermette:
Text: This study will involve readings and shared responses, as well as group

Schedule: The first Monday of each month beginning Monday, October 2nd, 2023
from 9:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific
Location: Zoom

* * * * * * * * * *