Global Group – Email Course

Global Group: Discovering Soul’s Journey

This course is based on the idea that the magical power of soul is available to anyone who is prepared to learn through group study and meditation.

The Global Group meets on a regular schedule by e-mail. Our membership is varied on many dimensions, such as geography, work background, life experience, age, and experience in esoteric studies. We share our varied learning, challenges, insights, and experiences as part of our own growing understanding of the Life we are living. Some of us have been members of the Global Group for a few years; others are new to the group. All of us learn from the contributions of all the members of the group, regardless of our different starting points in this work. Our diversity contributes to our strength.

There are no fees to join the Global Group. The only membership obligation is to live Life as well as we can, and to share that living with the Global Group members through the course process.

Course Schedule

Every three weeks, participants receive a reading assignment and some questions asking for their views on the subject matter. They have two weeks to formulate answers and to distribute them to all the members of the Group. Participants then have one week to consider the responses that others have distributed and to distribute comments on the responses to all the Group members. Each three-week cycle requires an average of eight to ten hours, ideally, in two or three study sessions. We also request that all group members follow a daily meditation practice.

The first session will be distributed in September, with Responses due two weeks later and Comments a week after that. Then a new three-week cycle begins. The cycles will continue through until the end of May, 2023, with a term break in December.

The assignments for this year’s Global Group are based on the Alice Bailey text, From Intellect to Intuition. Other materials are distributed by email. If you prefer reading from the book it can be purchased from Lucis Trust – otherwise we will distribute an electronic version.

If you would like to join the Global Group or would like more information, please contact Nick Foster at by September 14, 2022.