Group Service Meditation

Group Service Meditation

Start with the Four Step Quiet Practice

Then, as a beginning statement of intent, think/say:

In our awareness of One Life we know the urgent need for a new world community of love and compassion.
With all groups in the world of similar intent
we stand in service of Humanity, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Christ Impulse.

We are Life, Love, One

 Pause to be fully aware we are the light of soul.

Greet each member of your triangle with a radiant  heart and become one light.

Then greet each member of your course with the same heart radiance 

and become one Group Light.

Allow the Light to expand, brighten and merge with the Light of all SEQL course members.

Allow the Light to expand further, and to brighten and merge

with the Light of groups around the world of similar intent.

Recognize we are the amplified strength of the one subjective Group Light.

As one Group Light, become the radiance of the Christ Impulse of All-encompassing Love.

As Group, we align with the Will of Shamballa and live our subjective purpose

 – the manifestation of the Christ Impulse –


In our consciousness of One Life, our hearts register humanity’s call for healing.

With compassion, we embrace and respond to the energy of humanity’s call

as we express the healing action of the Christ Impulse.

And so we serve.

It helps if we stop for a moment frequently during the day and think/say

Live Soul, Act Group, Reveal One

and reaffirm that

– In the rhythm of life, we are ever One, we are ever serving –