Living The Template of Perfection

Living The Template of Perfection Visualization: Introduction and Audio

This is a visualization that can be used to improve our physical, emotional and mental health and bring the qualities of soul into everyday living.  We call it Living The Template of Perfection.


The following series of audio links is made available to allow the listener to follow the visualization more easily.

Template of Perfection Introduction only:

Template of Perfection Complete with Introduction:

Living The Template of Perfection Audio Tracks

Track                       Start     Length

  1. Introduction            0:00       5:10
  2. Preparation             5:10       2:33
  3. QP Step 1                7:43       2:19
  4. QP Step 2              10:02       2:16
  5. QP Step 3              12:18       2:41
  6. QP Step 4              14:59       3:27
  7. Live Field              18:26       3:33
  8. Live The ToP 1       21:59       3:39
  9. Live The ToP 2       25:38       1:56

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This is a visualization that can be used to improve our physical, emotional and mental health and bring the qualities of soul into everyday living.  We call it Living The Template of Perfection.

Let’s look at how the visualization works to refine our personality and to bring through the light, the love and the power of soul.

We start with the fact that everything is energy.  Science has shown us that, whether a plant, a piece of granite, or a human being, everything is energy.  There are many different energies in and around us, vibrating at different frequencies with different qualities and having different effects.

The personality of a human being is an energy field made up of several different energy frequencies.  There is the energy of the cells of the physical body – and more subtly, there is a body of emotional or sentient energy and a body of mental energy.  Each of these energy bodies has different frequencies and functions.  At the very core of our energy field is a very fine, very clear frequency vibration – the energy of the Inner Self, the Real Self – the Soul.

Our emotional, mental and soul energies flow through a network of energy channels called the vital body – a network that interpenetrates and informs the dense physical body.  This network looks something like a picture you might have seen of the body’s nervous system, with energy channels extending into every cell.  As these energies flow together through the vital body, they can affect each other as they become the activators of our personalities.  Turbulent emotional energy, for example, can result in inaccurate mental perceptions.  The refined quality of soul, on the other hand, can bring intuitive clarity to the mental body.

Just as these underlying energies qualify our personality expression, so they qualify our physical condition.  The energies of the cells of the physical body resonate to the energies flowing through the network of energy channels and tend to move toward the quality of that energy which is strongest or most active.  The energy that is acting most strongly at any given time depends on where our consciousness is centred – are we centred in our mental body? in our emotional body?  or in our soul body?  Where we centre our consciousness determines which energy we are transmitting to our physical body.

How that activating energy affects the physical body depends on how refined is its frequency.  For example, the activating energy might be an angry, turbulent emotional energy, or an emotional energy that is kind and loving.  It might be a busy, confused mental energy or a mental energy that is clear and focused.  Or the activating energy might be the fine purifying frequency of soul.  As the underlying energies go, so goes the physical body.

Ideally, we would like the fine, high frequency, purifying energy of soul to be the determining influence in our whole energy system – its influence unimpeded by the static of the other energies.  If that were the case, we would be calm, clear thinking, healthy and effective individuals – and we would be able to help others to live that ideal state.

Fortunately, there is an energetic blueprint or template for that ideal state, a template of perfection we can use to shape our energy system toward the ideal.  It is a template that soul brings to the vital body, a template that calls all the other energies into alignment with the frequency of soul’s clear, fine, healing quality.

This visualization brings soul’s Template of Perfection into action.