Overview of SEQL Courses

All courses in Victoria, BC  Canada are in session from early September until early June. Groups used to meet in person in the facilitator’s home living room but more and more we have facilitators in other Canadian cities and around the world. Most of our courses are now offered on Zoom.

For the 2022/23 Year the usual course fees have been waived. There are no fees being levied for any courses offered by SEQL.

Weekend Courses

Each course meets on nine weekends. Three of the 10 weekends are larger group gatherings where everyone studying with SEQL comes together for a weekend of study, contemplation and group meditation. These “All Groups” weekends may be offered on Zoom in a larger group meeting space at the Saanich Fairgrounds.

Between weekend classes, preparation of assignments requires additional time and meditation practices require about three hours per week. The class sessions build on one another, so it is important to attend every weekend. The learning process includes the study of challenging abstract readings, discussions, presentations among students, exercises to become aware of energies, meditations and practice programs.

See the page entitled Weekend Course for a detailed description of what is being offered in September.

Study Groups

We also offer informal study groups on selected topics with weekly, semi-weekly or monthly afternoon or evening meetings, and in the summer with e-mail exchanges and periodic meetings. 

For further information, see the page entitled Study Group Offerings.

Public Meditation Evenings – we meet subjectively

On the first and third Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Pacific time, members of SEQL courses and people from the wider Victoria and international community gather subjectively (each person in their own space linking telepathically with one another) for a half- hour Evening Meditation. To be placed on the email reminder list, please email seql@shaw.ca.

New and Full Moon Meditations

Each month, there is an opportunity for course members and people from the Victoria and international esoteric community to participate as a group to align with and express in service, the spiritual energies that are more available at the time of the New Moon and the Full Moon each month.  For further information, or to be placed on the list to receive a reminder email and the Zoom link please email seql@shaw.ca.

Email Correspondence Courses

    Global Group: Discovering Soul’s Journey

This course is based on the idea that the magical power of soul is available to anyone who seeks to become of practical service in relationships with others and is prepared to learn through group study and meditation. We invite men and women who are seeking to strengthen their intuitive capacities, increase their awareness of the fact of soul and bring soul insight and action into their everyday lives.

Students meet via email as a Global Group and follow a program of study from early September until early June. The course is open to anyone who has access to the Internet, regardless of previous experience in esoteric studies. Study assignments require about ten hours of preparation spread over each three week segment of the course. A text is assigned and other materials are distributed. There is no fee for the course.

Please see the Global Group page for information about the course, or contact us at:  globalgroup2@shaw.ca

    Sounds Like Soul: Knowing the Self as Energy

The purpose of this course is to help people become more aware of the qualities and functions of the energies which impact humanity so they can use more deliberately and with precision the energy systems that constitute a human being. The learning is based on listening to programs of music which have different vibrational effects and different resonances in the energy centres of the human system. The Course assignments require about thirty minutes per day and includes writing a weekly review which is shared with other course members.

The course is open to anyone who has access to the Internet, regardless of previous experience in esoteric studies. There is no fee for the course.

Please see the Sounds Like Soul page for information about the the course, or contact Dacia Moss at: daciamoss@gmail.com.


For information about the Society please contact us at: seql@shaw.ca