Quiet Practice

Quiet Practice is a simple exercise that is a fundamental practice in our SEQL programs.  Experience has shown that regular use of the Quiet Practice exercise can help us to bring quiet to our physical, emotional and mental bodies, help us to tune to the energy of soul, and help us to bring peace, harmony and a radiant heart to our everyday living.

Audio The following series of links is made available to allow the listener to do the Quiet Practice Exercise by following the audio instructions.

Quiet Practice Introduction only:

Quiet Practice Complete Exercise with Introduction:

Track                             Begins                Length

  1. Introduction                0:00                   4:37
  2. Preparation                 4:37                   2:08
  3. Step 1                        6:45                   2:18
  4. Step 2                        9:03                   2:17
  5. Step 3                      11:20                   2:41
  6. Step 4                      14:01                   3:31
  7. Completion               17:32                   3:01
  8. Review                     20:33                   4:08

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Quiet Practice Exercise Instructions:

Begin by sitting upright on a comfortable chair with feet flat on the ground – in a place that has as little noise and distraction as possible, but not in the bedroom where astral energy abounds. Move the shoulders, jaw, neck, arms, etc. to loosen any obvious points of physical tension. The objective is to be physically alert and relaxed. Then proceed through the following four steps:

1) Take several deep breaths into the lower third of the lungs so that the diaphragm presses outward on the inbreath, then is drawn inward on the outbreath (the shoulders don’t lift). Note the immediate quieting effect.

2) Then put your attention around your ankles and feet and imagine that all the static, in the electromagnetic field that we are, flows downward into the ground. You might imagine your legs extending all the way into the earth to ground you the way the third prong on an electrical plug grounds an electrical appliance. Don’t use too vivid an imagination for this step – something simple, perhaps just knowing that the static is flowing downward through your feet. You don’t have to “make” it flow. You may feel a slight tingling in your ankles or lower legs. Your mental chatter will begin to slow.

3) When you begin to feel a little quieter (after perhaps 10 minutes or so), shift your attention from your feet to a place about six inches -15 cm – above the top of your head. Imagine there is a magnet there, gently but firmly lifting you upward, “straightening you up.” Notice how your physical body wants to sit straighter. Let your whole being follow the upward lift to the magnet. This is another step toward bringing more clarity to the mind.

4) After five minutes or so – when your whole being feels it is ready to move on – put your attention at your heart centre – about the middle of your sternum. “Be” there in the knowledge there is an outward flow of love from your heart toward humanity, in service of humanity. Let love resonate from that centre. You may or may not have any physical sensation of a resonating and it doesn’t matter – don’t force it or even imagine it. Just know that your attention is in that outward flow of love and light. Hold that place of attention for perhaps ten minutes or more, or for as long as your heart says “continue.” When it is time to stop, return your attention to grounding your feet for a few minutes as a completion of your quiet practice.

To help remember, we label the four step sequence: diaphragm – feet – magnet – heart.

This sequence of steps has an esoteric rationale and experience has shown its effectiveness.

If you discover at the heart step that you are becoming “noisy,” just go back briefly to the first three steps, a moment or two at each step, and return to the heart.

It is useful to do this every day at least once for twenty minutes or so. Your practice will gradually become easier and quieter. In time, you will notice a quieting in your everyday activities, and in your inner sense of peace. However, don’t look for one day miracles – here, patience is definitely a virtue. The keys are – intention, effort, persistence. Your mantra can be “practice – practice – practice.” Practice strengthens your capacity to hold the quiet in the midst of the chaos of everyday life.

You can also take a few minutes any time during the day to do the four steps as a reminder and refresher. Some people stop each hour to “check their space,” and run through the steps. If you discover yourself in a situation where the emotions are in play – yours or someone else’s – try putting your attention at the magnet and holding your consciousness there. It helps.